For immediate Release

The Department of Parks collects trash Monday through Friday, and on Sundays.  Unfortunately there can be a build-up of trash overnight, and into the morning as the crews do their rounds, but the Department makes every effort to collect the garbage in a timely manner. 

The seaweed on the beach is a natural occurrence, and is part of the dune building process.  The Department of Parks is unable to rake Warwick Long Bay to bury the seaweed due to the loose consistency of the sand, which makes driving on and raking the beach with a tractor impossible.  We must rely on tides and wind to move or bury the seaweed. 

With regard to horse waste, during the period May 1st to October 31st in any year no person shall take or ride a horse on the beaches in South Shore Park, John Smiths Bay Park, Elbow Beach Park, and Shelly bay Park but may take or ride a horse on all other public beaches below the high water mark between the hours of 5:00 am and 8 am.  Warwick Long Bay Park is part of the South Shore Park and therefore no horses should be in this vicinity.  The Department of Parks has recently received complaints about horses on the South Shore beaches, including the riders requesting the swimmers to leave the water at Jobsons Cove, and are actively investigating these to ensure compliance of the National Parks Regulations.

The Department of Parks thanks the public in advance for its cooperation and assistance.