5:00pm: As of 5:00 PM, all repairs are complete and all customers should have power at this time.

BELCO sats that if anyone who was affected by today’s outage does not have power, they should call 955 to report the problem, so that it can be addressed.

"We do expect that all affected customers should have power now.

We thank all of the customers who were affected today for their patience, as our crews and Operations Centre worked to restore power as safely and quickly as possible."

2:00pm: It is now estimated that the repairs should be finished late this afternoon with the goal of complete restoration by 5:00 pm. 

BELCO is communicating directly with affected customers. 

11:00am: Work is ongoing to restore power.  At this time, approximately 155 customers remain without power, including the VSB Radio tower.  The customers without power at this time will remain off until repairs are complete.

We will provide further updates as work progresses.

We thank customers for their patience and assure them that every effort is being made to restore power as quickly as possible.

10:05am: Power has been restored to most customers at this time, including Bermuda Broadcasting, however, Prospect Primary, Prospect Preschool,  Bus Depot, Radio mast are still off. 

Further updates will be provided.

BELCO apologizes to customers for this service interruption and thanks them for their patience.

BELCO Press Release, 9:42am:

At approximately 9:15 AM today, a switch tripped on a circuit out of our Prospect substation, affecting approximately 370 customers, including Bermuda Broadcasting and the Police Service. 

A crew was dispatched immediately to investigate.