Popular: The high-performance Jeep Patriot will soon be on sale in Bermuda from new dealer Prestige Autos to meet growing demand for SUVs. • File photo.
Popular: The high-performance Jeep Patriot will soon be on sale in Bermuda from new dealer Prestige Autos to meet growing demand for SUVs. • File photo.
A new car dealership promises to give islanders the top-of-the-range vehicles they have been craving.

Richard Davidge and Joseph Rebelo have teamed up as business partners to offer motorists "the next generation".

Knowing how islanders yearn for the most well-equipped cars, they believe Prestige Autos Ltd will fill the "gap in the market" for high-class vehicles.

The new showroom will sell three vehicles - two types of jeep and a car from the Chrysler Group.

The Jeep Compass, Jeep Patriot and Dodge Caliber are all H-class cars.

It will be the third car dealership to operate on Woodlands Road in Pembroke.

It will be a limited company but will share premises with its sister companies Eurocar Ltd, selling Renault vehicles, and Executive Autos Ltd, selling Mercedes Benz.

It will be the first time these three vehicles have been on sale in Bermuda from an authorised dealer.

All the vehicles will be right-hand drives made specifically for Bermuda's market.

Mr. Davidge, president of Eurocar and Executive Autos, said: "We've been given the new dealership, these are totally new vehicles for Bermuda.

"We're very excited as Bermuda definitely seems to have elevated towards the SUV style."

Mr. Rebelo, president of JNT Ltd, which imports and sells Suzuki bikes, said: "We're ecstatic about this new company.

"The market trend in Bermuda is definitely towards the SUV so we can see major potential in the jeep line-up.

"We can really see these vehicles doing well in Bermuda - they are just what people are looking for.

"Most Bermudians like to have well-equipped vehicles and these are top-of-the-line jeeps."

The new vehicles, which are the 2011 models, are set to be on show at the car dealership by June.

The three new vehicles should be on display in the Eurocar showroom, which will be split in half for the two different companies.

Mr. Davidge said: "The vehicles will be built for us, ready to be delivered to us.

"They will be made to order and it will only take a few months."

The two men signed on the dotted line with a company representative earlier this month, with negotiations beginning in September.

They compiled a business plan after hearing the company that owned the distribution rights was keen to put the vehicles on the market in Bermuda.

Of his new business venture with Mr. Rebelo, Mr. Davidge said: "We've known each other for years, we both have years of experience in automobiles and we both have relationships with this company. It all makes perfect sense.

"It's taken some planning behind the scenes but now we're ready to go. We're putting things in motion."

Mr. Davidge said interest has been so high they are "already in the process of putting the first order together".

Word is spreading across the island about the new vehicles through "word of mouth" and Mr. Davidge is also phoning existing customers who have expressed an interest in "something different".

He said: "We secured sales in the first couple of days of agreeing on the deal.

"Now we've started with the advertising and we'll have an official launch to show off the brand as soon as we get the first vehicles in."

This company will be the first new car dealership on the island since Executive Autos started selling Mercedes in late 2007.

Technicians and sales representatives will receive full training in the new vehicles and a full service and warranty guarantee will be offered.

Mr. Davidge said: "We've had Renault for about 14 years and Mercedes for three, so now it's time for a new generation of vehicle.

"It's the next step for this set of companies."

Anyone interested in the new vehicles should visit the Eurocar/Executive Autos showroom in Woodlands Road, Pembroke. Call Prestige Autos on 278-3535.