Tasty treats: Many teachers appreciate the thoughtfulness behind home-made cookies or other baked goods. *MCT photo
Tasty treats: Many teachers appreciate the thoughtfulness behind home-made cookies or other baked goods. *MCT photo

The school year is quickly coming to an end and there are quite a few parents who are planning to give a gift to their child’s teacher. 

A simple ‘thank you’ is a wonderful way to express your sentiments, but if you want to go the extra mile, there are quite a few free or cheap gifts that you and your child should consider.

Here are a few suggestions for simple teacher gifts that are easy on the wallet.

1. A picture of your child is a wonderful keepsake. Most everyone has access to a cell phone or digital camera and most modern photo copiers produce decent quality printed photos. It does not have to be framed; you can simply insert it in your child’s homemade thank you card. It is a sweet memory for a teacher to keep.

2. Also, consider giving a small potted plant. You can purchase a small potted plant for next to nothing or if you have a green thumb, you can take a cutting off of one of your own plants. Something that is low maintenance like a succulent or lucky bamboo would do. Have your child paint their name and the year on it for a nice creative and memorable touch. 

3. Another great idea I came across was hand painted Christmas tree ornaments. How cute? Just one ornament that you can paint a cute ‘thank-you’ message from your child on so that every year his teacher will be reminded of the sentiment. For ideas on DIY ornaments visit www.boredpanda.com.

4. And do not forget home-baked goods if you can bake. Who would not appreciate home-made cake, cookies or cup-cakes? 

5. If you do not mind spending a little cash, you could always get together with the parents of some of your child’s classmates and pool your money for a nice gift card. However, if you do decide to go this route, make sure you get a gift card from a business that you know the teacher shops at.

For additional ideas go to www.pinterest.com and search ‘teacher gifts’; not only will you find plenty of ideas, there are pictures and how-to videos as well.

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