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Living in Bermuda we enjoy amenities that many people only experience on holiday, such as the ideal weather we get throughout our long and hot summer season and always being within minutes of the ocean.

But what may seem to only attribute to the qualities of our paradise-like island, can also lead to significant damage to our vehicles.

From the exposure to the sunshine’s ultra-violet light, the high temperatures and the exposure to sea salt in the air, your car is battling many potentially damaging elements at once.

At Bermuda Motors we understand the downsides to our gorgeous summer months for automobiles and are here to help.

Exposure to the summer heat for periods of time can wreak havoc on one’s vehicle. Direct and constant sunlight and heat exposure to cars results in not only an uncomfortable interior temperature but also severe damage to a vehicle’s exterior. The summer heat that draws us to the beach can also cause the paint on your vehicle to fade, crack or peel.

It starts with the clear coat, which is intended to protect the vehicle’s painted surface from the ultraviolet rays of the sun and from light scratches and chips.

However, even the clear coat is susceptible to summer sun of Bermuda and will eventually break down leaving the paint and surface of your vehicle vulnerable.

Once even a scratch or ding occurs the car becomes much more exposed to outside elements, leaving it liable for further, more austere, body damage.

Sea salt in our air is also a significant contributing factor to the deterioration of our vehicles in Bermuda. The sea salt and excess moisture in our air causes rust which is not only esthetically displeasing but can also begin causing damage to the undercarriage of the car. Corrosion can deteriorate the body panels of the car and cause electrical systems to fail if not properly addressed in time.


For any sort of body work it’s best to take your car to a dealership service centre because of the guarantee of factory-trained technicians, manufacturer-approved equipment and full-service capabilities. Bermuda Motors is equipped with a staff of highly trained technicians and top of the line technology that together will help prevent and repair the deterioration of your car from the inevitable exposure to the summer elements.

Our technicians are frequently trained and updated on the latest technology from the manufacturer and have direct access to the manufacturer for trouble-shooting any issues. Technology-wise, we use a state-of-the-art paint-matching system and a painting booth to ensure that paint jobs are done quickly and in a clean environment to prevent outside contaminants from affecting the quality of the paint. When paint is applied by those who are not properly trained or without proper equipment, differences in the spray pressure and paint flow-rate as well as the distance of the paint spray to the surface and paint temperature can affect the rate at which paint oxidizes, thus diminishing the level of protection for your vehicle.

The months of summer should be a time for fun and relaxation, so allow Bermuda Motors to help you achieve this by giving us a call when any of the tell-tale signs of summer car damage appear on your vehicle so as to help prevent any further, more severe damage.


For more information on automobile maintenance, contact Krishna King at Bermuda Motors: 292-0893 or KKing@bermudamotors.bm. Website: www.bermudamotors.bm