Terry Roberson *File photo
Terry Roberson *File photo

Bermuda’s needy have lunch options this Christmas, as at least two local churches are hosting free lunches.

First Baptist Church of Bermuda in Devonshire is hosting a free meal and senior pastor Charly Franks says the need for such initiatives have grown in recent months.


 “There’s a need that a lot of churches and organizations have been meeting for a long time, but with the economy the way it is, it’s intensifying. You see people you really wouldn’t normally think to see at these things,” said Rev Franks.  The free lunch is an extension of the church’s 5+2 Kitchen, which refers to the five loaves and two fish Biblical parable. That programme was launched last February, said Rev Franks, when his members of his church noticed “there wasn’t a whole lot going on in the east side of town.

“I think there’s only one other church that feeds people,” said Rev Franks. “The idea was to offer a free meal to whoever needs one and to offer company to people who need the company.”

The church averages around 75 guests per week, said Rev Franks, who expects a lower number to attend this year’s Christmas lunch.


A traditional Christmas dinner of turkey, pumpkin and apple soup, mixed vegetables and mashed potatoes will be prepared by local chef Renato Capriz, a member of First Baptist.

First Baptist is not the only organization feeding the needy this Christmas.

Bermuda CableVision is partnering with The Hamilton Seventh Day Adventist Church and they are also hosting a free traditional Christmas lunch.

That church is expecting to handle 200 families.

“We believe everyone should be able to experience the joy of Christmas around a delicious meal while sharing fellowship with people who care about them,” said Terry Roberson, CEO of Bermuda CableVision, through a statement. 

Seventh Day Adventist Pastor Kenneth Manders added: “To share God’s joy on Christmas Day is a privilege, and we are blessed to be able to invite these guests to our table.”