The Bermuda Sun climbed past the 10,000 Like mark on Facebook last week. 

As of Wednesday, the Sun had 10,677 Likes.

Talitha Davis, Bermuda Sun’s digital sales and marketing manager, said: “News readership is fast entering an age of Digital precedence. Individuals are taking to their smartphones, tablets, and desktops as a means of attaining information on current events in real time. 

“We here at the Bermuda Sun have a keen understanding of these changes and are adjusting accordingly. It is important to highlight the role of social media in this whole scenario.”

She said Facebook currently dominates Social media.

“As a daily ePaper we’d be remiss not to acknowledge the role Facebook assumes in getting our stories out to the community, and also in directing traffic to our website  

“The Facebook ‘Like’ feature is a symbol of audience reach and engagement. We are pleased to have recently surpassed 10k likes on Facebook, and are confident in all of the positives this means for our brand.”