Noet Barnett *File photo
Noet Barnett *File photo

TUESDAY, DEC. 6: A video of alleged gang members handling what appeared to be a gun was today shown to a jury.

Noet Alexander Barnett, 25, was seen on the video cocking the gun and pretending to shoot it with four other men.

Gang expert Sergeant Alex Rollin took the jury through the video during his trial.

Mr Barnett is on trial for the attempted murder of Jeremiah Dill on October 4, 2010.

He also faces charges of gun possession and handling a Rexio revolver.

The footage was seized from one of the men, Kofi Dill’s, cell phone during a raid on December 23, 2010.

The other three men include Julian Washington, Jerome ‘Fire’ Dublin and Kamie Dublin.

Mr Rollin identified all the men as members of 42.

He also said Mr Dill was a member of Parkside.

They are seen cocking the gun, pointing it at the camera and cursing.

In the video, Dill, who was convicted earlier this year of gun possession, was seen rapping lyrics while the camera panned around the room to show each man holding the gun.

Dill says: “I hate Parkside. F**k Parkside.

“F**k Dark side. Kill a Dark side till I die.”

Mr Rollin explained Dark side is another name for Parkside.

A few second later, Dill is heard saying: “Tell Jahkiel I’ll murder is a**.

“I don’t give a f**k shotta Prince.”

Mr Rollin said the name Jahkiel refers to Jahkiel Samuels and Prince refers to Prince Edness, both high-ranking members of Parkside.

The court heard Mr Barnett’s DNA was found on a gun seized near his Footbridge Lane home on December 22.

It was found in a drawstring bag with gloves, wrapped in a red cut-off sleeve on a wall near East Gate Lane.

The gun also had Dill’s DNA and a woman called Thayja Simons’ DNA.

She was charged in connection with the gun with Dill but charges were later dropped.

Mr Rollin also told the court the shooting happened in the territory of the Deep Dale Crew who are known for selling drugs.

He said Parsons Road is the border between Parkside and 42 with Parkside territory to the south and 42 territory to the north.

Mr Dill, 24, was near the One Stop Grocery on Parsons Road on October 4, 2010, when a man pulled up next to him and shot him twice in the leg and once in the backside.

Prosecutors say Mr Barnett was the gunman who opened fire at Mr Dill.