* Photo by Simon Jones. Crime scene: Gary Cann was gunned down and left for dead outside this property in Sound View Road, Sandys, on Tuesday night.
* Photo by Simon Jones. Crime scene: Gary Cann was gunned down and left for dead outside this property in Sound View Road, Sandys, on Tuesday night.
The fatal shooting of 22-year-old Gary 'Fingas' Cann on a quiet residential street in Sandys was the catalyst for two days of mayhem on the streets.

Mr. Cann, who sources say was high up the food chain in the Parkside gang, was shot outside a friend's home on Sound View Lane just after 10.30pm on Tuesday.

Mr. Cann, of Pembroke, is understood to have been ambushed as he left the family home of Sancha Durham - assistant director of the Bermuda Music festival - and her parents.

Neighbours described hearing a single gunshot before seeing two men tearing away from the scene on a motorbike, yelling expletives.

Paramedics tried to conduct CPR on the victim but he was unresponsive and was pronounced dead on arrival at the King Edward VII Memorial Hospital.

Sources claim Mr. Cann had been a "marked man" for some time.

Police refused to speak officially about his alleged gang affiliations.

However, one senior officer confirmed he was a member of the Parkside crew and that police were treating his murder possibly as retaliation for the killing of Kumi Harford, who was known to associate with the 42 gang.

A poster of Mr Cann headed 'Parkside/darkside... rest in peace Fingas' had appeared on Facebook yesterday along with a handful of tributes to the former CedarBridge student.

Mr. Cann, who had just turned 22, inherited his nickname 'Fingas' from his father, who used to be a DJ dubbed Goldfinger for his prowess on the decks.

Sources who knew Cann, said they were not surprised by his death because of the lifestyle he led.

Others had fond memories of him in his younger days as an enthusiastic motocross rider.

Otis Ingham, president of the Bermuda Motocross Club, said he had been a talented biker at Coney Island back in the day: "He came up with my son. He was always a really nice kid, when I knew him, never disrespectful.

"I don't know where he went wrong."

As recently as last month Mr. Cann made an appearance at the Southside track.

"Just the other day he came and raced with us," Mr. Ingham said. "We were all thinking maybe he was trying to turn his life around but he must have been in too deep."

Mr. Cann stopped appearing regularly at the track when he was around 15 - about the time, acquaintances say, when he started hanging out on the streets more regularly.

"I guess he fell in with the wrong crowd," one told us.

On the Sandys street where Mr. Cann was killed, residents spoke of their shock.

One man, who did not want to be named, said he was on the phone in his bedroom when he heard the shot.

"I heard this loud bang like a small explosion.

"I was stunned for a split second but I knew what I heard, it was a gunshot."

Another woman said she heard the "pop" sound of a gun before seeing a bike speeding past her home.

"This is a quiet area where lots of families live," added another neighbour.

"No one expected something like this to happen here.

"I think everyone living on the road is shocked that a man could be shot dead on their street."