MONDAY, DEC 20:A man involved in an operation to smuggle hundreds of thousands of dollars of cannabis into Bermuda has been jailed.

Kenneth Butterfield was sentenced to seven years behind bars at Supreme Court this morning.

Butterfield, 33, told the court he was ashamed of himself and acknowledged his actions had serious repercussions on his family.

He said: “I did not do it for drugs.

“I did it for the promise of money from those involved.”

His lawyer, Elizabeth Christopher, said Butterfield had embarked on the illegal enterprise to help finance medical costs for his sick son.

The court heard customs officers found more than $850,000 worth of drugs stuffed into the bottom and legs of a tool box when they examined it.

The tool box had arrived in Bermuda on board a vessel from New Jersey on December 2, 2008.

Detectives then searched Butterfield’s home and found documents and computer records linking him to the smuggling operation.

Butterfield of North Shore Road, Hamilton parish had admitted importing a controlled drug at a previous hearing.

He was charged along with two other men, Kyle Ingham and Dennis Wright.

Mr. Wright has fled the island while Mr. Ingham denies any involvement in the plot and will stand trial later this year.