THURSDAY, JAN. 19: A teenager who admitted taking two motocross bikes and damaging them had a social inquiry report ordered on him today.

Akil Smith, 18, pleaded guilty in Magistrates’ Court today to handling a motorcycle valued at $3,000 on December 9.

He also admitted taking another motorcycle on January 15 without consent of the owner and damaging a shed on the same day to the value of $1,100.

The court heard on Friday, December 9, police attended the complainant’s home in Tamarind Vale in Warwick.

The complainant noticed that two motocross cycles had been moved from his garage.

The first one was valued at $3,000 and the second was worth $5,000.

The owner of the bike went to search to see if he could find anyone riding it and saw suspects riding the two bikes.

He recognised the defendant as Smith and reported it to police.

Both cycles were later recovered and Smith was arrested.

He admitted handling the bike.

On the second occasion, the court heard the complainant in that matter was driving a taxi at 3:30am on Long Ridge Pass, when he noticed a motocross cycle similar to the one that was at his home.

Crown counsel Nicole Smith said the man went home and saw the bike wasn’t there.

“He also saw his shed was open and the lock was damaged.

“He drove back to where he had seen his motorcycle and saw the defendant next to it.”

The court heard Smith made eye contact with the complainant and then ran off.

Smith was arrested and the complainant identified him in an ID parade.

He admitted he, along with another person, stole the bike.

Smith’s mother stood up and told the court he had paid $500 towards the damages on the cycle.

Senior Magistrate Archibald Warner ordered a social inquiry report and adjourned the matter for sentencing next month.

Smith was given $2,000 bail and must adhere to a 9pm to 6am curfew.

He agreed to wear an electronic monitoring bracelet to keep track of the curfew.