A woman who harrassed another woman over a boyfriend ended up in court on Valentine’s Day.

Mckeisha S. Smith, 30, a human resources manager at the Bank of Butterfield, repeatedly harassed another woman over a two-month span last year, in revenge for what she said was harassment.

Ms Smith,­ of Turtle Place, Southampton pleaded guilty in Magistrates’ Court yesterday to intentionally harassing Nicole Maybury between July and September by repeatedly telephoning her home.

Crown Counsel Oonagh Vaucrosson told the court that Ms Smith kept calling Ms Maybury’s unpublished number, sometimes speaking to her and sometimes abruptly hanging up.

The prosecutor told Senior Magistrate, the Wor. Archibald Warner that Ms Smith’s calls became “increasingly disruptive” and that she would sometimes call “for a long time at night”, waking the complainant up.

Telephone records identified Ms Smith and she admitted her guilt to investigators.

“There have been years of animosity with Ms Maybury and I find myself here because she used to harass me,” Ms Smith said, admitting that it had to do with a boyfriend.

Agreeing with Mr. Warner that it was ironic that she was the one in court, she added: “It won’t happen again.”

Pointing out that the offence carries a one-year jail term and $2,000 fine, Mr. Warner reprimanded her.

Imposing an absolute discharge, the magistrate said that it was not in “the best interests of the defendant to convict her and not contrary to the public interest” to grant the discharge.