Disgruntled: Wicketkeeper Chris Foggo and his St David’s team mates believe they have been treated unfairly by the Eastern Counties Cricket Association. *File photo
Disgruntled: Wicketkeeper Chris Foggo and his St David’s team mates believe they have been treated unfairly by the Eastern Counties Cricket Association. *File photo

WEDNESDAY, JULY 13: St David’s County Cricket Club has threatened to seek an injunction that would halt this summer’s Eastern Counties competition unless sanctions imposed on them by the Eastern Counties Cricket Association (ECCA) are lifted by today’s deadline.

The Islanders strongly oppose to having multiple sanctions imposed against them that they deem to be “unconstitutional”.

After relations between both parties soured, St David’s took matters into their own hands and boycotted last summer’s series in protest of a host of disputes with the ECCA.

‘Old wounds’

But after the two parties “signed off” on the terms of an agreement reached during arbitration hearings, the ECCA imposed sanctions on the club that has seemingly reopened “old wounds” and led to the current standoff.

For taking matters into their own hands by way of a boycott, the ECCA placed St David’s on two-years probation and ordered them to submit a formal apology.

The association also demanded the Islanders forfeit 15 per cent of their share of revenue from this year’s Eastern Counties series and placed them in the final round of the competition as opposed to having the club included in the draw.

St David’s subsequently appealed against all of the above sanctions, but were only successful in having the financial penalty overturned.

In any case, the Islanders feel they have been treated “unfairly” and are of the view that all of the imposed sanctions are unconstitutional  based on the grounds there are no provisions in the ECCA’s constitution giving them the leverage to take such action against any of its members.

St David’s has also rebutted ECCA claims that they voluntarily withdrew from this year’s series — insisting that the association had been “properly notified” of their intentions to play under the sole condition that all sanctions against them be lifted.

The ECCA has until today to either meet the Islanders’ demands or risk having the 2011 series halted by a court order.

The 2011 Eastern Counties competition is scheduled to get underway this Saturday at Sea Breeze Oval.

When reached yesterday ECCA President Harold Millett said he had yet to receive any official correspondence on St David’s ultimatum.

But he declined to comment on a host of concerns raised by the club and also on his association’s decision to impose the sanctions that has again strained relations between both parties.

The former St David’s wicketkeeper said it is “unfortunate” that the situation has escalated to this point, stressing that “somewhere along the way we have lost of our way in the sense that the game comes first”.

Millett added that “certain other aspects of the competition set out by its forefathers that make it possible for the clubs to function has now overwhelmed the desire just to play cricket”.


“It’s disrupting the playing of the game and it’s most unfortunate at this time to think that the series can be affected, and will be affected, if St David’s maintain their stance.”

The ECCA president, though, is optimistic both parties can settle their differences.

“It will take time to overcome this impasse, but the tradition will survive.

“Over the years the competition has survived many ordeals. This is just another ordeal that we have to live with going forward.”

St David’s president Aaron Lugo, who is the nephew of Millett, did not return calls.