He’ll never walk alone: Teammates of Liverpool’s Luis Suarez show their support by wearing t-shirts with his image and number on it as they warmed up for their match against Wigan. *AFP photo
He’ll never walk alone: Teammates of Liverpool’s Luis Suarez show their support by wearing t-shirts with his image and number on it as they warmed up for their match against Wigan. *AFP photo

FRIDAY, DEC. 23: Four out of 10 may be great for a baseball hitter, but terrible when making predictions.
As one person said, I should have stayed away.
It was my worst week since the season began with the only consolation being I was spot on with the Fulham-Bolton match and Tottenham-Sunderland match.
As they say, even a blind squirrel finds a nut.


Liverpool v Blackburn
I’d never condone racism, but Luis Suarez got a raw deal with an eight game ban and a 40,000 pound fine. If all he said was “Porque negro?” that certainly cannot be considered racist given his cultural background and that negro in Spanish is not an offensive word.
The club and his teammates back him. They plan an appeal and they should.
This could help mould the club together with an “Us against the league” attitude.
Blackburn’s at the bottom of the table and won’t like its Boxing Day visit to Anfield.
BDA Sun prediction: 3-0

Chelsea v Fulham
Chelsea still have a lot of work to do. Boss Andre Villas-Boas thinks they can still win the title. They’ve moved up to fourth but the club is still 12 points adrift of Man City (not counting last night’s match against Tottenham).
Fulham’s last two results are indicative of why they are mid-table 2-0 win over then bottom club Bolton and a 5-0 thrashing by United. They win the games they should and lose the ones to better teams.
BDA Sun prediction: 3-0

Bolton v Newcastle
Bolton did what any bottom of the heap, relegation bound club needs to do — beat the team immediately above them in the table. In their case, it was a 2-1 triumph over Blackburn allowing them to step one spot up the table.
Newcastle’s sinking in the table was predictable after playing the big clubs, but their slide to seventh has seen losses to West Brom and Norwich. They haven’t had a sniff of a victory since November 5 against Everton.
BDA Sun prediction: 2-2

Man Utd v Wigan
Sir Alex has laid out a target of ending 2011 in first. Unfortunately, for United, that’s not totally in control. Sure they should beat Wigan and then Blackburn, but they’ll also have to hope Man City slips up.
Wigan is still in the relegation zone both with draws against Chelsea and Liverpool and an away victory against West Brom, the club is on the right track to move up through the ranks.
A loss to United should just be a speed bump on their climb to safety.
BDA Sun prediction: 3-0

Sunderland v Everton
Sunderland is still scrapping. After a late winner gave them all the points in an away win against QPR, the club has reason for optimism.
Everton needs help up front. I’m not sure if Northern Ireland teen Rory Donnelly will be the answer. They’ve made  abid for him (as well as Swansea and Liverpool).
BDA Sun prediction: 0-1

West Brom v Man City
Man City boss Roberto Mancini has targeted 90 points as going to be enough to win the league. That might be too low to keep United at bay. If City win its last two matches of the year, they’ll go into the turn targeting 40 points for the second half of the season.
West Brom has 14 points on the road and seven at home.
The visiting team has won the last three matches that West Brom has been involved in and that trend should continue here.
BDA Sun prediction: 1-3

Stoke v Aston Villa
Burglars broke into Stoke striker Peter Crouch’s home. No word if they stole his boots, although they’ve been missing in action as he has just four league goals. Stoke is almost mid table but they are just five points away from the relegation zone. You’d expect more – Villa boss Alex McLeish basically called out his players telling them they “have to show why they’re at this club”.
BDA Sun prediction: 1-2


Arsenal v Wolves
Arsenal has a bit of a soft run in their schedule and need to take maximum points before they suit up with more difficult fixtures.
This game was pushed back a day due to the threat of industrial action by tube drivers.
Wolves are in danger os becoming one of the bottom three clubs and need to push for a draw.
BDA Sun prediction: 2-0

Swansea v QPR
Welcome to the Premier League. Both Swansea and QPR have to meet the demands of playing four games in 12 days.
Swansea’s been fairly consistent at keeping clean sheets against the league’s lesser lights, so don’t expect this to be a high scoring affair.
BDA Sun prediction: 1-0

Norwich v Tottenham
Norwich played tenaciously in its last two fixtures, both of which were away matches to earn draws.
Contrary to my friend PJs assertion at a BFA press conference this week, I do know who Harry Redknapp — I interviewed him at a camp XL sponsored here back in the 90s at Berkeley Field.
High flying Tottenham are in third and have two matches in hand on both Manchester clubs or otherwise that six point gap might be zero.
BDA Sun prediction: 1-2