Dion Stovell is the leading MVP candidate after a new points system is unveiled. Stovell has 325 points while OJ Pitcher is second with 259 points. Malachi Jones is third with 258 points.

The Bermuda Cricket Board said the 2013 Logic MVP will be selected based on an objective points system. The rankings will be updated each week so that players can determine their position and track their improvement. The system works by allocating points to various performances within a game. 

For example: Batting:- 1pt per run scored, 25 bonus points for a 100. Bowling:- 20 pts for unassisted wickets (Bowled/LBW) and 10 pts for assisted wickets (Caught/Stumped) and 50 pts for a Hat Trick. Fielding:- 10 pts for Catches or a Stumping 

Nyon Steede, chairman of the Cricket Committee said in a press release: "This development provides further interest and enjoyment for those playing in the Logic Premier League. The BCB already recognises the Logic Player of the Week and the Logic Emerging Player of the Week in addition to the Chivas Sportsman of the Week prize. I thank the contribution of Lloyd Smith who has helped develop the system and will be updating this on a weekly basis. I wish all players the best of luck in their efforts to improve their ranking."