More than a phone: The Samsung Galaxy phone also functions as a tablet and runs off the Android platform and comes preloaded with apps. *Photo by Don Burgess
More than a phone: The Samsung Galaxy phone also functions as a tablet and runs off the Android platform and comes preloaded with apps. *Photo by Don Burgess

P-Tech will have its opening launch of its Samsung product line on Saturday. P-tech general manager Todd Martin is a familiar face to the tech community for having worked many years at Computer City. He takes us through a sneak peak at some of the products people can expect at P-Tech.


Which tablets will you be selling?

We have the Galaxy Tab 2.7.0, the Galaxy Tab 2.10.0 and we have the Galaxy Note. That has a faster quad-core processer that will allow you to be more productive with it. The Tab2 10-inch is more a consumer product, whereas the Note is more for business, which will come with a pen.

What laptops will you have?

We’ll have six types of laptops. We intend to cover the whole gamut of what people are looking for. Our entry level laptop, which we are positioning as our back-to-school special. It is going to be the best-priced laptop on the island at $699. It’s going to be a good all-general purpose laptop. It’s aimed for people who need to access the Internet, do Word documents but don’t want to pay for all the higher end features that they’re not going to use.

At the higher end what do you have?

The Series 5 will go for $1,649. It’s a little sleeker looking. It has a larger screen and it’s also an Ultra Book so it’s ultra thin. The Series 7 will go for $2,100. It has a much better video card. It’s more a gaming-type machine. The Series 9, it’s also ultra thin, and it is actually thinner than the Apple Air. It supposed to be the slimmest and best in the Samsung line. It doesn’t have a CD drive, but the CD is becoming passé. It’s not going to be something you’ll be using very soon — everything is in the cloud now. 

Do you have any smart PCs?

The ATIV is Samsung’s answer to Microsoft’s Surface. It runs both the android operating system and Windows 8. It has a USB drive which makes it a little bit more connectable. It can function as a laptop or as a tablet. Any Windows applications can be run on it, that’s the next level. It’s aimed at people who don’t need a high-end laptop. The price point on this is $1,178 so it’s very affordable. 

What functions does the Samsung Galaxy camera have?

It has a sim card; it connects to the Internet and functions as a tablet. It runs Android. It is a 16 megapixel camera with a 21x zoom. It has all the features you’re looking for in a camera and a nice big screen. Social media is the biggest thing now so as soon as you take a picture it can post it onto Twitter, Instagram, Facebook. That’s the benefit of the Galaxy camera. If you don’t have a sim card it can connect to WiFi. 

What about service?

Our Samsung products will get serviced on the island. We’re not going to do it, but Robbie Swainson who used to be the service manager at Computer City has started his own company Mobile Tech and is getting certified by Samsung.

What’s the deal with Digicel?

We’re partnering with them and we’re going to be selling their Samsung phones — the S4, the S3, the S3 Mini and the S4 Mini when it comes in. They also have and S4 Waterproof so if you drop it water, it will be fine. You can pick it up and still talk on the phone. We’ll also have some of the more affordable phones as well.