Treadwell Gibbons addresses the media on Tuesday. *Photo by Nicola Muirhead
Treadwell Gibbons addresses the media on Tuesday. *Photo by Nicola Muirhead

St George’s batsman Treadwell Gibbons today apologised for his behavior on the second day of Cup Match.

The 28-year-old refused to leave the crease after being dismissed and then marched towards the Somerset players waving his bat.

He had to be restrained and escorted from the pitch by his captain, Oronde Bascome

But today Gibbons insisted he never had any intention to ‘hurt or hit’ anyone during the outburst.

And he said he still hoped to play for the national side as well as in Cup Match in the future, despite being dropped from the BCB’s senior national training squad for the ICC World Twenty20 last week.

Speaking from written notes he said: “First of all I want to apologise to the Governor, the Premier, St George’s fans, Somerset fans and the people of Bermuda.

“My actions on the second day of Cup Match were wrong.I got caught up in the heat of the moment. I am very apologetic for what I did.”

He told the press conference at Barr’s Bay Park: “It will not happen again.

“I am taking steps to work on self-discipline to prevent such behavior from reoccurring.

“It was never an intention of mind to hurt anyone or hit anyone.

“It may have looked like that, but I never had any intentions of hitting anybody.”

Gibbons is yet to find out what his punishment for the outburst will be, and St George’s Cricket Club have remained tight-lipped on what sanctions they will impose on their player.

But the all-rounder said he had apologised in person to the club and would accept his punishment. He added: “At Cup Match I really, really wanted the best.

“I had goals that I wanted to accomplish and I am deeply sorry I did not achieve them.

“I have been playing cricket all my life, for over 20 years, ever since I was five years old.

“The person who inspired me was my daddy, he took me to games and played cricket with me. The game is in me, in my blood. I love to play.

“I love to represent the Cleveland County Cricket Club and have the opportunity to represent my country.

“I wish to have the opportunity to represent Bermuda and play Cup Match again.”