Editor’s note: We are delighted to introduce our new columnist, Eron Hill. This is his first piece for the Sun. 

We all have the choice to put up with something we don’t believe in or stand up for what we do. I choose the latter. 

The youth of Bermuda are no longer going to suffer in silence. We are going to stand up and speak up because the decisions that are made today affect us, the leaders of tomorrow. 

As young people, we live in a society that tells you that you can be whatever you want to be but often doesn’t provide you with the opportunities to do so; a society where cliches like “Education is the key” and “If you believe you can achieve” are overused but undervalued; a society where the older generation often condemns the younger generation for what they do but forget that it is they who raised us; a society where the young people are ripe and full of potential but are often frowned upon for thinking outside of the box, for standing up for something they believe in or, dare I say it, having integrity in a Bermuda where the government of the day has shown us that the word integrity is just that, a word.

Money over morals? 

From the very depths of our souls, we are crying out “Give me something to work with”. 

In the coming weeks I will explore the youth perspective on issues such as: how the government should be focused on creating sustainable careers and not just seasonal jobs; whether our leaders are putting money over morals and how the education system should teach the kids how they learn instead of expecting the kids to learn how it teaches.

We must transcend political correctness and instead strive for a better Bermuda for all. I truly am humbled and happy to be a voice for the youth and I hope that I remain a vessel that proffers encouragement, and opportunity to all. Stay tuned, and remember that what young people think is important. We are the youth of today, but the leaders of tomorrow. 

Eron Hill, an 18-year-old former member of Bermuda’s Youth Parliament and the Bermuda National Debate Team, is now an aspiring lawyer and legal understudy working at Compass Law Chambers under the tutelage of local barrister and attorney, Charles Richardson. 

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