Guidance: Bermudian choreographer Eric Bean, front, has been leading dance classes. *Photo by Sarah Lagan
Guidance: Bermudian choreographer Eric Bean, front, has been leading dance classes. *Photo by Sarah Lagan

Musical icons through the decades will be honoured at Saturday’s Bermuda Glee performance at the Berkeley Institute Cafetorium. 

Everyone from Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston to the Spice Girls and Madonna will be covered during the Iconic show organized by Troika. 

This will be the biggest show to date, according to Troika. 

The show will be performed by two groups — Bermy Dukebox covering the 50s and 60s, and Disco Rocks who will perform music from the 70s and 80s. 

Bermuda Glee is a seven day performing arts intensive thaht has been running since June 28. 

The students were given two masterclasses learning the tricks of the trade and spent the rest of the intensive developing an original piece of musical theatre. 

The programme is designed for Bermuda resident students aged between 14 to 18 years old. 

It aims to provide Bermuda’s young people with an opportunity to work with other students and teachers from various secondary schools across Bermuda to create an original piece of music. 

The event slogan is ‘curtains up, barriers down’.

Each of the students will have the opportunity to act, sing and dance throughout the show. 

The Bermuda Sun met with four participating students to find out how they have been enjoying their experience. 

A video of the Bermuda Glee 2014 auditions is available visit the Troika website at

Nasya Joell

Age: 13

• School: US Academy for Arts

• Group: Bermy Dukebox

• What is your role? 

I’m singing, acting and dancing in the show. 

• What are your strengths? 

I love dancing. 

I do all genres, I do ballet, I do modern, I do hip hop, I do tap and jazz. I love modern lyrical dance the most. 

• What have you enjoyed about the show so far? 

 I like Bermuda Glee because it’s not like the  teachers are telling you to do something and it is all cut out for you. We get to have an input in the creative process of the show

• Aspirations? 

I want to be a professional dancer. 

I wanted to do Broadway but now I’m doing modern I’d love to be on tour with Alvin Ailey and people like that.

Lauren Genevieve

Age: 14

• School: BHS

• Group: Bermy Dukebox

• What is your role? 

I’ll be singing and dancing in the context of the show but I do all three outside of the show. 

• What are your strengths? 

I am the best at singing then acting then dancing. I will be singing Respect by Aretha Franklin. 

• What have you enjoyed most? 

I really liked being able to collaborate with people who are interested in the arts and hearing their different ideas. 

People have different strengths, so you can play on each other’s strengths. 

It’s really fun to have so much creativity going on. 

Shakori Trott 

Age: 17

• School: Mary Hare School for the Deaf

Group: Disco Rocks

• What is your role? 

Acting, singing and dancing. 

• What is your strength? 

I love to dance. I like hip hop dance, jazz, something really energetic and enjoyable. 

• Aspirations? 

When I’m older I want to be an actor. I’m into so many TV shows and I get so inspired by actors — I just want to do that with my life. 

What do you love about Glee? 

It’s the first musical play I’ve been in in Bermuda. 

I came to the play last year and I went home thinking I really wish I was on that stage so I did everything I could to make it happen. 


I love Beyoncé — what’s not to love. I love actors like Will Smith and Tyler Perry. 

India Wilson

Age: 15

• School: Warwick Academy

• Group: Disco Rocks

• What is your role? 

It is sort of a devised piece so I change roles every few scenes. 

In one scene I am in a game show and in another I’m in a soap opera. I show a comedic side and then a very over dramatic comedic side. 

You have to laugh it’s very interactive and very outgoing. 

• What is your strength? 

Acting, I was in Animal Farm by Gilbert and Sullivanand other productions. 

What are your aspirations? 

I want to keep doing it – that’s the dream, but I have to think about it. Maybe when I’m younger I’d like to try and get into theatre and maybe go from there. But I’ll keep my options open.

• Idol? 

Meryl Streep and Anne Hathaway.