*AFP photo
*AFP photo
Marcus Samuelsson has done it again.

The celebrity chef who has opened up a pop-up restaurant at the Fairmont Hamilton Princess has generated more good buzz for Bermuda.


It was just last week he was featured in People magazine with a recipe from Samuelsson at HP, and today he has an article on Forbes.

The story, entitled Chef Marcus Samuelsson’s 7 favorite Bermuda hot spots, is sure to keep the positive vibes flowing about the island to an international audience, but should also help create some extra customers for three restaurants and a local business.

Chef Samuelsson recommends the iconic Art Mel’s Spicy Dicy as well as long-time established Hamilton restaurant The Spot.

He also enjoys “having a cold beer at the Tavern By The Sea”.

Urban Cottage also earns some praise for their vintage pieces.

He rounds out his top seven Bermuda places with three spots to sunbathe including Warwick Long Bay and Horseshoe Bay beach but says people can’t go wrong with any place along the South shore.

The article is accompanied by a dish from Samuelsson at HP as well as one of their specialty drinks, and, of course, a photo of the chef.