Xande Frith, Caroline Tee and April Summerlin. *Photo supplied
Xande Frith, Caroline Tee and April Summerlin. *Photo supplied

Horizon Health, one of Bermuda’s leading Health and Fitness facilities, announces the appointments of April Summerlin as Pilates Instructor and Xande Frith as Personal Trainer.

April’s role is to work one-on-one with clients on the Reformer, Cadillac and Wall Unit to help each client gain alignment and rid the body of pain. April will teach group mat classes using the Authentic Pilates method.

Caroline Tee owner of Horizon Health says:  “April gives exceptional attention to client’s body needs.  She is an experienced teacher who understands how to teach clients to gain alignment with their posture and rid the body of pain by using the Joseph Pilates method of movement.  With many years of experience and by teaching hundreds of people through her career, April is able to assess the client’s body needs and delivers her teaching ability through clear communication using the Authentic Pilates principles which are breathing, focus, coordination, concentration and control.”

Prior to joining Horizon Health, April worked at Bermuda Bodyworks Ltd., various Pilates studios in the USA including Encore Pilates in Fort Lauderdale, Florida from 2009-2013, Omecheya Pilates Studio, Hallandale, Florida from 2009-2013, Body Couture Pilates, Fort Lauderdale, Florida from 2009-2013, Red Zen Pilates Studio in Barbados from 2012-3013, and Bermuda Bodyworks Authentic Pilates Studio in Bermuda from January 2013-April 2014.

April began training for her Pilates career in 2009 gaining her Power Pilates certificate for Reformer and mat work and has gone on to teach the classical approach taught by Joseph Pilates with the movement-based systematic, integrative style of Pilates with her continuing education.  She loves the Pilates lifestyle and is enthusiastic about physical fitness and nutrition.

Caroline Tee adds: “April is a dynamic teacher who will suit the atmosphere and incredible service that Horizon Health offers to our clients.  April is creative and motivates her clients to reach their personal goals.”

Pilates has so many benefits to the body with a long list of promises including improved flexibility and posture, helps with correct breathing patterns, and reduces pain in the whole body including back, neck, and all joints as well as developing long lean muscles at the same time helping your body appear toned and sculpted.

Xande Frith’s role is to work one on one with clients as a Personal Trainer in the gym.  He also teaches group classes called “Functional Training” which is rigorous and engaging.

Xande’s method of training leans towards helping you get fit using your own body weight as a tool incorporating it into the gym environment by adding “Functional Movements” such as lunges, squats, push, pull bend, twist and gait movement patterns.

Xande has worked as a trainer for several years at different locations on the island including Olympic Club from 2008 to 2009, and Flatt’s Fitness from 2012 to 2013. 

In 2009 Xande became an ECA certified Personal Trainer. In 2011 Xande gained his Movnat Level 1 Trainer certification working alongside Erwan LeCorre, founder of the Movnat technique.  This is a system based around teaching humans to move naturally with their environment.  Alexander excels in physical fitness and martial arts.

Caroline adds: “Xande’s progressive mindset for fitness, health and movement fits perfectly into Horizon Health’s philosophies.  Alexander has passion for life and discovering new ways to increase not only the sustainability but also the quality of the human life through movement.  Alexander is a fantastic motivator for clients wanting to take their fitness to a new level. He focuses on correct movement so every workout is a gain toward the client’s goals”.