Fulfilment: Make sure you enjoy the journey. *Photo supplied
Fulfilment: Make sure you enjoy the journey. *Photo supplied

One of the best things about having lived in Bermuda is that it’s a great launch pad for travelling and discovering new places you may well have never had the opportunity to explore.

I have been travelling for several months since the beginning of the year. I flew back to England at Christmas to see friends and family, then jetted off to Thailand on New Year’s Eve, spent a month in Chiang Mai, a month in Phuket, a month in Koh Samui, a week in Singapore and then jumped back on a plane back to the UK. 

Oh, and I launched my online coaching business at www.CoconutFitness.com.

Well, my wife and I did all of the above and so much more, returning back to the UK a couple of months ago. Although we were pretty exhausted, it truly was the trip of a lifetime.

Not because of the beautiful places we visited and the wonderful people we met, but because of the journey we experienced together.

Here are the 7 most important life lessons we learned during our travels:

You appreciate your real friends, as they want to stay in touch with you, and you’re excited to share your experiences with them.

• You learn so many new skills by embracing local knowledge and different cultures.

• You appreciate the simple things in life, when the seemingly bigger things that normally stress you out, are no longer a worry.

• You learn not to be so materialistic when living out of a suitcase for 16 weeks.

• You broaden your horizons and grow more appreciation for other people.

• You understand how important it is to be an individual and stand out from the crowd, rather than shrinking in to fit with the masses.

• You can exercise literally anywhere and don’t need a gym membership!

The real lesson that we’ve learned, though, is that life and happiness really is a journey and not a destination. Now we are back from our travels, it doesn’t mean we’ll stop exploring different countries or slip into obscurity.

This message is not exclusive to us it applies to everyone. Once we set ourselves a goal in life and achieve it, then we set another goal, and another goal, and another goal…

It doesn’t just stop there.

We need to always be evolving, because if we’re not, then we’re simply dying.

So, set yourself goals and achieve them, but make sure you enjoy the journey along the way, as that’s the best part! 

Colin blogs at www.CoconutFitness.com