THURSDAY, OCT. 7: A Bermuda-bound plane was grounded in Philadelphia today over security concerns.

Passengers were taken off the packed US Airways 1070 at around 12pm, Bermuda time.

US media outlets have reported that the alert was raised after someone was seen helping to load the plane without a security badge.

The plane was towed to a secure area once all the 102 passengers and five crew had been evacuated.

It was searched by sniffer dogs and the baggage was re-screened but nothing suspicious was found on board, according to a Transportation Security Administration official.

A passenger on the plane, Amanda Benner, told the Associated Press she and others on board were told “there was a TSA security breach” and were asked to exit the plane through the Jetway and back into the terminal.

"We're in the airport now. They took us off," she said.

"They told us there was a TSA security breach and we've had to leave everything on the plane and get off. They're re-screening everything on the plane."

There were 12 TSA officers in the area, in addition to Philadelphia police and "all kinds of guys in suits," she said. "They're very stern and serious."

Benner and her husband were en route to Bermuda for a long weekend for their 15th wedding anniversary.

A spokesperson for US Airways said it was trying to “re-accommodate” the passengers to Bermuda.