*Screenshot from film
*Screenshot from film

Local filmmaker Andrew Kirkpatrick has released his latest adrenaline-fuelled film — this time of his friends jumping off a 600ft cliff attached to a jump rope swing.

The film was filmed at the Magwa Falls Wild Coast of South Africa which is the East Coast in an area close to Port St John.  

Following the success of the Falling off the Rock videos shot in Bermuda by Kirkpatricks Burnt House Productions, Epictv.com commissioned more original content. The next film will be a zipline cliff jump off of St David’s Head. They are certainly helping to Bermuda on the map as an adventurous destination.

The Bermuda Sun caught up with Kirkpatrick to find out more. 

Explain the set up

We repel down into the canyon on one line and walk along the bottom and attach it to another awaiting rope hanging from the other side. We tie them together and pull it up. Once the first line is up we can pull a second back-up line across. There are two lines spanning the gap with a dynamic line in the middle that we jump from. We pull it to the side and then take that leap of faith.

How is it different from a bunjee jump?

This stunt is performed on dynamic ropes not bungee cords. There is less stretch but enough to cushion the drop. We take downward momentum and transfer it to forward momentum. So there is a second free fall and then it is turned into a pendulum swing.

Have you done it?

I have not done it although I really wanted to.  It was extremely hard getting the shots and could only get 1-2 jumps in per day due to weather and resetting of the gear so the shots were more important. It took us two weeks to shoot that quick video.

What does it feels like?

Four seconds of free fall to an epic ripping pendulum swing… mind blowing haha.

Where is the film being shown?

The viral video was shot for EpicTv exclusively. EpicTv is the youtube of adventure sports. Epictv.com They liked the 'Falling off the Rock' videos and wanted us to create some original content. We negotiated a budget and we were then free to shoot wherever and whatever we wanted. Best client ever! Haha. We are shooting four videos so stay tuned for the next three.   

Any more exciting projects on the horizon?

Yup, Episode 2 is a Zipline Cliff Jump shot in Bermuda at St. David’s Head. Also stay tuned for the 600ft Rope Jump behind the scenes video. It was a crazy experience!