Mexican fans celebrate after Mexico beat Croatia 3-1 to go to the next round of the World Cup. *AFP photo
Mexican fans celebrate after Mexico beat Croatia 3-1 to go to the next round of the World Cup. *AFP photo

Ah, the sweat! Ah, the sounds! Ah, the passion!  Ah, the pleasure! Ah, the pain!  Ah the climax!

Bet you thought I was talking about sex, huh?

Nope, sorry. I am talking about the global addiction that comes around once every 1,400 days or so. You know the thing we call the FIFA World Cup.

Like a few other billion persons worldwide, Bermudians are now swept up on World Cup fever. Flags of different nations attached to cars fluttering away. Multiple jerseys seen daily. Television sales rising.

Like most Bermudians, I used to follow Brazil since the days of Zico and Socrates, leading up to Roberto Carlos and the midfield maestro Ronaldino. However, this tournament I am following the African nations of Algeria, Nigeria, Ghana, Ivory Coast. This weekend was pretty good with Algeria thrashing South Korea, Nigeria beating Bosnia and Ghana giving Germany a scare.

Anyway, that’s me. I am sure you still have people in this island who actually still believe England stood a chance or that Spain’s possessive game was perfection. 

Sorry, mates, England will not win a World Cup until it has majority non-English players. Every team has been studying Spain for six years and finally that code is broken. Adios, amigos.

Oh, and for the other most popular team in Bermuda, Portugal, well one man does not a team make. Cristiano Ronaldo cannot rescue Portugal any more than Rooney could rescue England. 

I must say I have been impressed by Ecuador, Honduras, Costa Rica, Colombia. Looks like “small axe chops big tree”.

Whatever the end result, one thing is for sure with the advent of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and apps, this is one of the most technologically linked games. 

I mean, you can know the score even before the ball is retrieved from back of the net. 

I wonder what is in store for World Cup 2018? Virtual Google glasses so you can feel like you are sitting in the stands, perhaps.

There are presently a lot of angry wives and girlfriends whilst the games are on and productivity on the job probably is minimal at best. 

Let’s face it, guys, God has given us one month every four years for ourselves. Let’s make the most of it.  

What’s the difference between the England team and a tea bag? The tea bag stays in the cup longer.

National jerseys

Tonight  Senator Jeff Baron and I will be switching jerseys for charity. Big Brothers Big Sisters will be having a charity event down on Front Street. For the sake of raising funds for the children of Bermuda, Senator Baron and I will be exchanging jerseys for a few minutes

He will be wearing a PLP jersey, and I will be wearing an OBA jersey. The funds will be donated to help maintain a meaningful programme of mentorship for our Bermudian children. 

So we are asking you to dig into your pockets and donate.

This will be a once-in-a lifetime event. So for those who want political parties to get along for the betterment of Bermuda, here is your chance to put your money where your ___ is.

Go to and look for the BBBS charity event donations.

See you tonight.

PS. I will be the one in red. Jeff will be the one in green.