For Immediate Release

Bermudians hoping that Monday night would be the night that the OBA would finally unveil a plan to get our people back to work have yet again been disappointed.

While payroll tax relief in the construction industry is welcome news, there remains little work for the industry to hire Bermudians to work on.

The OBA says that they put in place 10 percent food price discounts, yet many Bermudians have been questioning whether this is even really happening.

While the Premier speaks of BELCO's new fee structure, many Bermudians have seen their monthly rates increase under the OBA.

The OBA says they care about seniors yet refuse to address the increases in health insurance, vehicle license fees or addressing the crisis in our nursing and rest homes.

The OBA says that they care about young Bermudians and their education yet they have ruthlessly slashed scholarships and helped close the door on opportunities for Bermudians to gain the skills they need to compete in the island's 21st century workforce

In 18 months, Bermudians have become very accustomed to an OBA that breaks promises without remorse and that is often guilty of failing to be truthful with Bermudians.

The PLP has new ideas and a vision that builds a Bermuda that works for Bermudians.  This vision is inclusive, expands opportunity and would lead to a fairer, more just Bermuda for Bermudians. We have freely shared these ideas with the OBA. Despite this they have refused to work with us and haven't put forward any ideas or a vision of their own that focuses on Bermudians.

We encourage the Premier, in the absence of an OBA plan, to embrace our ideas and together, we can work on building a Bermuda that works for Bermudians.