Audra-Ann Bean, pictured, denied financially exploiting her grandmother. *File photo by Kageaki Smith
Audra-Ann Bean, pictured, denied financially exploiting her grandmother. *File photo by Kageaki Smith

TUESDAY, APRIL 24: A woman on trial for stealing from her grandmother told a jury some of the funds went towards her medical treatment for a brain tumour and heart attack.

Audra-Ann Bean, 44, is on trial with sister Lorraine Smith, 46, for financially exploiting their grandmother Lenice Tucker, 87, and stealing nearly half a million dollars from her.

Today, Ms Bean told the court she went on medical leave in August 2010 and her grandmother asked if she needed any help.

“I let Len know I was going away on medical.

“She said if I need anything just call.

“I told her I would call or text Lorraine if I needed help so I called her to ask if she could help so she transferred money to my account.”

Ms Bean told the court her sister transferred $1,000 but she only used $500.

The rest was spent on groceries and household items for her grandmother when she returned.

The court heard earlier that Ms Bean and Ms Smith transferred money from their grandmother’s account to an account with their name on it.

Both women maintained they did it to protect their grandmother from their drug-addict father, Ivan Bean.

Going over the indictment, lawyer Larry Mussenden said: “The Crown says that when you transferred the money, you stole it.”

Ms Bean said: “No, I didn’t steal it.”

Mr Mussenden then asked: “What was your intention when you moved that money?”

Ms Bean said: “To protect it from Kelly and my daddy.”

The witness also told the court she didn’t tell her grandmother before transferring the money but believed she would have been okay with it.

Ms Bean denied taking advantage of Ms Tucker by taking her to the bank under the impression that she was going to get a debit card.

She also denied financially exploiting her.

Ms Bean said she and Ms Smith moved the money based on advice from their lawyer Myron Simmons.   

The court also heard there is $349,000 in the HSBC account and $17,230 in the Butterfield Bank account.

Asked whose money it is, Ms Bean said: “Len and Aunt Marjorie.”

The trial continues.