MONDAY, MAY 7: In light of recent Supreme Court results dealing with theft from seniors, Chief Inspector Sean Field-Lament of the Financial Crime Unit released the following statement. “My hopes are that these significant results will act as a deterrent for people considering taking advantage of elderly victims.

“The successful use of the new Senior Abuse Register Act 2008 should reassure the public of the commitment of the Bermuda Police Service and the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions to safeguard all of Bermuda’s citizens, no matter their age or circumstance.”

The Bermuda Police Service strongly recommends the public to think ahead and plan for the future regarding the security of their financial assets. In particular, it is important to have an estate/business management plan and/or a will in place - administered by trusted family members or friends, in consultation with reputable legal advisors.

It is advisable to do this well in advance, while persons have the ability and presence of mind to responsibly consider all their options. Prior preparation will allow for clarity of roles and responsibilities with regards to extended care for loved ones and correct business procedures especially for elderly business partners.