A 'night farmer' was jailed for six months by Magistrates' Court on Monday before the sentence was suspended for two years.

Brian Percival Gibbons, 48, of WB's Way, Hamilton Parish pleaded guilty to the theft of three pumpkins valued at $200 on October 18 last year in Smith's.

He also admitted stealing a bottle of liquor valued at $36.37 from the Hamilton MarketPlace on November 6 last year. Crown Counsel Cindy Clarke told the court that, in the first case, the complainant caught Mr. Gibbons and another man plucking the pumpkins off their vine at his commercial farm.

The three fruit weighed a combined 100lbs.

Mr. Gibbons told the police: "I stole them to sell."

In the second case, the prosecutor recounted, the defendant went to the store's liquor section where the manager saw him on CCTV secrete a bottle of Hennessey cognac in his pants.

He tried to leave without paying and the manager stopped him.

"I've changed my life," Mr. Gibbons told Senior Magistrate Archibald Warner. "I've been to Turning Point (drug counselling), I have two jobs and I have plans to go away with my family."

Mr. Warner imposed prison terms of one month and six months respectively, made them concurrent and then suspended them.

"You are a known night farmer," he told Mr. Gibbons after hearing that the labourer had a previous conviction for the same crime.