Athletes heat up the summer

The NatWest Island Games proved a huge success for Bermuda as many people flocked to the National Sports Centre and other athletic venues to take in the Games. Bermuda athletes also proved successful, garnering more medals than the last best year, which was 2005. 

Beach beauty falls in love with Bermuda

Reigning Miss Oklahoma, Anna-Marie Costello, enjoyed some beach time after appearing at a Bailey Outerbridge concert to help raise funds for a rare childhood illness. The beauty queen joked that she was never leaving the island as she had fallen madly in love with Bermuda. 

While on the island, Ms Costello did a photo shoot with local photographer Scott Stallard. 

Plans to expand Princess

Plans were announced to expand the Fairmont Hamilton Princess creating more than 150 jobs. 

The Green family, who bought the hotel, have committed to pumping money into the project. 

Renovations began in November, starting with the brand new marina. The pool, restaurant and Poinciana Wing will also see changes. 

Gay tourism makes money

Tourism industry insiders claim that Bermuda is missing out on millions of dollars due to old-fashioned attitudes towards same sex couples. 

Insiders claim that we are hurting our chances of improving our tourist base and need to come more in line with the rest of the world. 

First female ferry pilot

Tami Ray, 39, became the first female ferry pilot after two decades of dedication on the water. 

She worked her way up through the ranks at Marine and Ports, receiving her engine driver’s licence in 2005 as well as travelling to Barbados for further education.

Vision for the waterfront

Sir John Swan unveiled his vision for a redeveloped waterfront, which would include a new hotel and casino, a new cruise ship terminal and ferry terminal as well as an open air market, shops and cafes. 

More pink Bermuda

In a bid to get residents to think about what Bermuda has to offer to visitors, the Bermuda Tourism Board began a guerrilla marketing campaign turning everything pink –– from bus shelters to Gibbs Hill lighthouse to pink umbrellas lining the Washington Mall walkway.