Intellectual who ‘saw the future’ 

Tributes were paid to 79-year-old philanthropist and author James Martin after his body was found by a kayaker floating in the waters of the Great Sound, near his home on Agar’s Island. The English-born IT and business guru wrote more than 100 textbooks and donated $150 million to an Oxford school. 

How I saved my daughter’s life

A father recounted the dramatic moment he rescued his three-year-old daughter from drowning.

Raymond Levon and his daughters, Monikah, 3, and Maalika, 6, were visiting friends at Brightside Guesthouse when tragedy nearly struck.

Mr Levon dived into the pool and carried out CPR on his ailing daughter, dramatically saving her life. 

Photographer’s remarkable North Korea shots

Intrepid Bermudian photographer Scott Stallard shared with the Sun pictures from his remarkable trip to North Korea.

During his stay in capital Pyongyang, Stallard visited local schools, talent academies and the notorious Demilitarized Zone.

Despite expecting a tense and hostile reception, the photographer was instead charmed by the mysterious country and its people.

TV crews lap up boat story

The tale of how a rusting old boat was brought back from the brink went global.

An incredible restoration project undertaken by Dave Geraghty was featured on the Travel Channel. He told the Sun how the project was a labour of love and how he spent four-and-a-half years transforming Cora into a luxury boat. 

Katherine is Miss Bermuda

Katherine Arnfield was crowned Miss Bermuda at the Fairmont Southampton.

The 17-year-old Saltus Grammar School student booked her place at the Miss World Pageant in Indonesia after wowing the judges in a beautiful cream dress dipped in gold sparkles. 

City mull new parking fees

The Sun learned that City officials were considering the expansion of paid parking across Hamilton.

Proposals included charges for bikers and the city becoming zoned with charges from $1 to $2. 

AG threatened with violence

Attorney General Mark Pettingill was threatened with violence after he took a swing at opposition to equal rights for gay people on biblical grounds.

Mr Pettingill bowed to public pressure after initially refusing to apologise for the remarks, made during a debate in the House of Assembly.

He declined to elaborate on the threats — but it is understood one caller to a radio talk show said he should be doused in gasoline and set alight. Pettingill said that, on reflection, his comments were “clearly hurtful to people in this community.” 

Bermemes showed us the way 

The four — then anonymous — members of social media satirists Bermemes talked for the first time about their phemomenally-successful enterprise. The team talked of how they ‘broke Twitter’ and spread their uniquely-Bermudian multi-platform package.