Chris Brown bodyguard drama

The Bermuda Sun had a worldwide scoop when we revealed in an online report that singer Chris Brown left his bodyguard ‘Big Pat’ in Bermuda after his plane had made a quick pit stop to refuel.

The story went viral as the American bad boy did little to improve his image after he got into an altercation with his bodyguard. 

UK Lottery ads boost Bermuda

A major lottery advertising promotion for the UK Lottery gave Bermuda nationwide publicity in Britain. 

Our island was chosen as the dream destination by the National Lottery to highlight the difference a major win could make to a player’s life.

The advert was posted in nearly 36,000 outlets across the UK and seen by millions of people. It showed an idyllic beach scene with the words “Today Bognor, tomorrow Bermuda.” 

The ad did stir some controversy as the beach shown in the poster was not in Bermuda. 

Bermuda Sun breaks story on Lamb Foggo cuts

We reported that cuts in services were likely for the Lamb Foggo Clinic as part of cost-cutting measures by the Bermuda Hospital Board.

A spokesperson for the BHB confirmed that it was reviewing the services offered at the Urgent Care Centre and that diagnostic services would no longer be offered there.

The spokesperson said Lamb Foggo was still valuable because it reduced pressure on the emergency room at the hospital.

3,000 jobless — Premier

Premier Craig Cannonier admitted that the number of unemployed Bermudians is “far more” than 3,000.

He said the OBA Government “inherited” the island’s “unprecedented” unemployment situation from the previous Government. 

The Greens buy Sonesta 

The Green family, who own the Fairmont Hamilton Princess and Waterloo House, purchased the Sonesta Beach Hotel.

The property will be re-named the Southampton Beach Resort. They later announced the property would be developed to add amenities to the Fairmont Hamilton.


Spearfishing record broken

Craig Copik caught a giant 100lb black grouper and set a new world spearfishing record.

The record he broke?

His own at 87.3lbs.

Mr Copik said: “This is a big jump on my previous record.”

He made his record catch about five miles north of Bailey’s Bay. 

Stars’ home now for rent

The Bermuda Sun broke the story that celebrities Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones had put their Warwick home up to be rented at a cost of $28k a month.

They had lived in Bermuda from 2001 to 2009. 

Music man takes final bow

Eddy DeMello, one of Bermuda’s most well known and best-loved characters, died on March 6.

Mr DeMello owned the Music Box but was known for his effortless charm, which helped to bring in big names in music — such as Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder and Byron Lee.