Flyboarding makes a splash

Trials got under way in Bermuda for the newest and most exciting water sports venture. Entrepreneur Mike Swan organized trials off Dockyard for flyboarding, which involves strapping yourself into a pair of jet boots connected to a Jet Ski by a hose. Mr Swan told the Sun: “I just thought it was exciting, it’s different, it’s new.” 

Snake found on golf course

A snake sparked a scare at the exclusive Tucker’s Point Resort after it was discovered on the golf course.

The snake, later confirmed as a non-venomous southern black racer, was about three-feet long and was later euthanized.

It was deduced the reptile was most likely to have arrived in the country inside a golf bag. 

Harbour drama as pilots avert ship collision

The quick thinking of local mariners helped prevent two container ships from colliding in Hamilton Harbour.

The Bermuda Islander suffered a power blackout when she left the docks and began to drift toward the Somers Isles.

But thanks to some smart actions, line boat Princeton was able to get in between the vessels and avert an expensive and potentially-dangerous collision. 

Premier in ‘jetgate’ storm

Government was under pressure to admit it made a mistake in accepting a free flight in a private jet to talk to potential investors in Washington DC. 

Premier Craig Cannonier insisted the OBA did nothing wrong, saying its priority was drumming up interest in Bermuda that will help create jobs. 

On a wing and a prayer

Bermuda’s Walking Man Damon Fox helped raise more than $500 by taking part in the Catlin End-to-End.

The serial wanderer completed the 24-mile course in five hours and 15 minutes. 

Shock at lack of baby jabs 

A chronic shortage of children’s vaccinations sparked “deep concerns” among doctors on the island. Supplies of at least five vaccines had either run out or had hit worryingly low levels. 

Street cost of ‘weed’ rockets

The Sun revealed that the cost of ‘weed’ on the island had rocketed, with sources saying it was down to the new X-Ray scanner at the docks as well closer links between the Police and Customs officers.

Premier revels in parade

Premier Craig Cannonier put his best dance moves on display during the May 24 Bermuda Day parade.

Thousands of spectators lined the streets to watch the parade, which was preceded by the Appleby Half Marathon Bermuda Derby won by Ironman extraordinaire Tyler Butterfield.