Councillor resigns from Corporation

Councillor Troy Symonds resigned from the Corporation of Hamilton after officials voted to pay themselves for attending meetings. “The political climate has made it impossible,” he said. “There are a number of agendas going on and the Corporation hasn’t made all the right decisions to address them…. There’s too much fighting.”


Marine reserve: The debate is on

The public consultation over whether Bermuda should create a marine reserve came to an end during this month.

It seems that the issue split the island — some saw it as ‘commercial suicide’ while others saw it as a way to attract tourism and allow the island to be a conservation trailblazer. 

The issue continues to be assessed.

Wings Over Bermuda 

A book launched called Wings Over Bermuda by Tom Singfield and Ewan Partridge traces more than 100 years of our aviation history and includes a wealth of unique images such as these two US Navy Marlins flying over Gibb’s Hill in 1962 and Concorde’s grand arrival in

Husband stabs love rival

A jilted husband who stabbed his love rival walked free from court.

Puisne Judge Carlisle Greaves handed Irving Butterfield a 12-month prison sentence suspended for two years saying that by bringing a man into the house, his estranged wife Chrissie Kempe, “wasn’t rubbing salt in his wounds, she soaked him in brine.”

Ms Kempe, maintaining the relationship had ended, was outraged and said that the judge should be disbarred. 

Mayor in contempt

The Mayor and Deputy Mayor of Hamilton were found guilty of contempt for failing to comply with a summons by the Ombudsman. Graeme Outerbridge and Donal Smith didn’t adhere to requests from Arlene Brock to meet as she probed the background of the Corporation’s move to grant a lease for its waterfront project. 

Olympic hero visits

Four-time Olympic gold medallist and America’s Cup winner Ben Ainslie attended the Bacardi Opening Party of the Argo Gold Cup which the British sailor competing in.

During his visit to Bermuda he spoke with children about sailing careers and coached them.

Cop a look at that!

Ever get the sinking feeling you are the butt of the joke?

Two policemen certainly did when their car got stuck in flood-waters on Bakery Lane.

The picture of them fleeing the vehicle in a panic was the source of much amusement that week.