I survived being struck by lightning

It was quite literally the shock of his life. Lifeguard Chris Hands described how he cheated death after being hit by lightning. He was knocked unconscious when a thunderbolt struck his workplace. His heart stopped beating before doctors at the Lamb Foggo Urgent Care Centre brought him back to life. 

Toddler killed in accident

A 21-month-old boy, Nosa’J Stovell, was struck by a taxi in Hamilton Parish and killed. His father Jason said after the tragedy: “When you’re a parent, you expect your child to do something great [that is, make a lasting impression], and that’s something my son did.  

“A lot of people have stories about him — they have met him and he made himself known.” 

Premier makes peace

The second annual Lennon Bermuda Peace Day Concert proved a hit with locals yet again. 

Barbadian singer Biggie Irie gave a stand out performance while Jimmy Keys hosted the show.

Premier Craig Cannonier was certainly enjoying himself as seen in this snapshot of him.

Money raised went towards a local Alzheimers charity. 

‘I’m still reeling’

Bermudian Joanne Ball-Burgess was caught up in the bloody terror attack in a mall in Nairobi, close to where she is living.

She was at the Westgate Mall when gunmen struck, killing more than 70 people.

‘I’m sorry’

Deputy Mayor Donal Smith apologized for the ‘anguish’ caused by his comments about

The Royal Gazette reported that during an interview he grouped homosexuals with ‘freaks’ and said that supporters of same sex marriage were “damned”.

The comments sparked outrage and he faced calls for his resignation over the matter. 

Tucker’s Point in receivership

Tucker’s Point hotel went into receivership with  $150m owed on the property. Roy Bailey and Keiran Hutchison of Ernst & Young were appointed receivers.


Cops: How we nailed killer

Police revealed how they caught 15-year-old Rashaun Codrington (cuffed) who murdered Malcolm Outerbridge.

A combination of witness accounts, CCTV footage and solid forensic evidence ensured the killer, the youngest in Bermuda’s history, was locked up.