Bermuda’s two mobile phone carriers both believe that BlackBerry Messenger will be a popular hit for Android and iPhone users.

On Wednesday, the Bermuda Sun reported on local BlackBerry users who said they were not interested in switching to Android or iPhones with the BBM app.

Shane Mora, marketing manager for Digicel Bermuda, told the Bermuda Sun “Digicel Bermuda has always had a sizeable BlackBerry customer base and still does. Many people that are now using other smartphone platforms likely started with BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) as their first instant messaging app.  

“We are unsure how BBM for Android and iPhone will be received. Most of these users might now reply on What’s App for their instant messaging needs.  

“Still, the attractive features of BBM might lead them to go back to using that app on their Androids or iPhones. It is still not fully known which BBM features will be made available for non-BlackBerry users.”

Mr Mora added: “The ability to see when messages have been read, the ability to set your status and the recent ability to use BBM Voice and video are all compelling features that could see Android and iPhone users going back to BBM for their instant messaging service.  

“Whichever instant messaging app people decide to use, we hope they will choose the fast Digicel 4G network to enable their connectivity.”

Robb McNabb, marketing manager for CellOne said it isn’t surprising at how loyal BlackBerry customers in Bermuda are to their product.

“As Bermuda’s largest and fastest wireless network, we have a huge base of BlackBerry customers who are still loyal to the company and their products.  

“BlackBerry messenger (BBM) is one of the most robust messaging platforms in the market and we look forward to it being available for Android and iPhone devices. 

“As the exclusive wireless carrier of iPhones in Bermuda, we know that our iPhone customer base is looking forward to having access to BBM to stay connected with friends and family who have BlackBerrys. 

“With such a strong BlackBerry base in Bermuda we think that the BBM product will continue to do very well here.”