At 79 years old, veteran Tony DeSilva proved that he still has what it takes, winning the first Miller Handicap Snooker Challenge Tournament of the season at Warwick Workman’s Club. 

The semi finals saw Trevor “Kid” Mouchette come out of retirement and go up against Nadanja Bailey. 

Mouchette had to spot Bailey 16 points to start and Bailey emerged victorious thanks to a 50-41, 43-19 win.

In a race to two games, DeSilva joined him in the finals by defeating Steven Bremar.

Bremar spotted DeSilva 31 points and narrowly lost the first frame 58-50.

However, Bremar stormed back to claim the second game 66-48, only for DeSilva to clinch his place in the finals with a 60-51 win in the third game.

DeSilva and Bailey were both ranked even but it was the former that rose to the occasion best.

DeSilva win the first frame 57-41 and the second 44-42.

The Bermuda Snooker Association would like to thank Miller and Island Construction Services for their continued sponsorship. 

The next Miller Snooker Tournament will be held on Saturday, December 14. n

Penny DeSilva is the press officer for the Bermuda Snooker League.