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A man who threatened an off duty police officer during a youth cricket game was today given probation.

Kamal Trott, 36, was playing cricket at the Bailey’s Bay Cricket Club on Saturday with officer Caleb Jean-Pierre. The team was made up of under 12 players.

Mr Jean-Pierre told everyone to go to the field to warm up and Trott wouldn’t go.

The complainant asked him again to go to the field.

Trott then said: “Hey Pierre, let me make something clear, I don’t even like cops. I’ll take you out.”

Trott then poked Mr Jean-Pierre in the face with his finger, but the complainant held his finger and pushed him away.

Mr Jean-Pierre then warned Trott of his behaviour in front of the kids.

Trott then said: “I’ll take you out. You don’t know me. I’ll spray you after the game.”

The court heard Trott was arrested and charged.

Crown counsel Susan Mulligan said he had previous convictions for violence and threatening behaviour.

She also said 'spray' in that context means to spray with bullets, as in shoot with a gun.

Addressing the court, Trott said: “I apologise to the court. I didn’t say that I would spray him.

"I never said I would spray him. We had words and that was it.

“Afterwards we were talking and I saw the police come but I didn’t think it was that serious.”

Trott said he just started working three weeks ago and financially supports his family.

Senior Magistrate Archibald Warner said: “I’m concerned about a man like this. When I say this I mean a man with such a horrific record with violence and threatening behaviours, who’s demonstrated that he is capable and carried out threats that he has made.

“He’s served lengths of time in prison. Being around 12-year-olds in a sports environment, I don't believe in that kind of rehab.

“I’ll be crude, he doesn’t have a right being around children at all. He can’t do anything for them.”

Mr Warner recorded a conviction against Trott and gave him two years probation.

Trott must stay away from youth cricket programmes and must not get involved in any other youth cricket programme.