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The secondary radar at the airport is still out of order and is not expected to be fixed until the end of May.

The Secondary Surveillance Radar (SSR) located at the LFWade International Airport is owned, operated and largely funded by the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

That way the FAA can provide oceanic and en-route air traffic management services to aircraft flying through Bermuda airspace.  

A spokesman from the Bermuda Government said: “The SSR outage has invariably presented some challenges to airlines operating flights over the North-west Atlantic.  Namely, airlines have had to fly more non-direct routes resulting in higher fuel consumption.  The re-routing has not led to significant delays.”

The spokesman said the FAA confirmed with Airport Operations last week, that the resources needed to begin replacement of the unit have now been secured.  

He said: “Accordingly, plans are under way to send FAA technicians and the necessary parts and equipment to the island to commence work by mid-April with anticipated completion by the end of May.  Technicians from the LF Wade International Airport will be utilized to assist with the undertaking.”

Bermuda radar covers 400 nautical miles of airspace.