The Samsung Galaxy phones allows you to share photos and movies easily from one device to the next. *Photo supplied
The Samsung Galaxy phones allows you to share photos and movies easily from one device to the next. *Photo supplied

What happens in Vegas, doesn’t stay in Vegas — it comes to Bermuda.

P-Tech searched the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) for the right brand to bring to the island and settled on Samsung.

It’s a solid choice since Samsung is the world’s largest information technology company by revenues since 2009 and became the highest-selling mobile phone company in the world when it overtook Nokia in the first quarter of 2012.

George Grundmuller, CEO and president of the Phoenix Group, parent company of P-Tech, told the Bermuda Sun going to the CES was “a very opportune time for us. Samsung was contemplating the ‘experience zone’. And they didn’t have an authorized representative with them here in Bermuda. We had some excellent meetings with them and … we agreed to implement it here in Bermuda.”

He said after a period of planning P-Tech is ready to open the Samsung area of P-Tech on Saturday.

Mr Grundmuller said: “I’m personally a big Samsung fan. A lot of my electronic products at home are Samsung. I have a Samsung phone and a Samsung TV with the Internet connection. They are very innovative.”

In particular the Phoenix Stores CEO points to Samsung’s All Share technology which allows.

“You can use the camera and see the pictures or movies on your cellphone or any other Samsung device you may have. It’s very cool.”

Mr Grundmuller said having the Samsung Experience Zone in the store is a big deal.

“It’s exciting for Bermuda”, he said. Mr Grundmuller said it isn’t available everywhere “and we’re right on track here. Samsung, at this point and time, has a lot of momentum. They are coming out with a slew of exciting products.”

He said one such product, which P-Tech has, is a tablet with detachable keyboard. 

“It runs the android operating system as well as the new Windows 8 so you really have the best of both worlds. You have hundreds of thousands of apps available and on the Windows 8 side you get all the great (Microsoft) Office software with Word and Excel.

“It’s really innovative in having two operating systems on the same platform.”

He added there are now more apps available on the Android system than on Apple because of its open platform.

“They have really made leaps and bounds, plus there are more android devices than iPhones these days.”


P-Tech has also partnered with Digicel so if someone purchases a phone, they don’t have to go to a second location to pay for service.

Mr Grudnmuller said: “We felt we needed a partner that people can sign-up on a plan right away. Some people may already have a plan and they can use their Samsung product with whoever their provider is, but some people may want the convenience to sign up right away.

“We already were working with Digicel and their pre-paid products already in our drug store, this was a natural.”