Bond: Nathan and I. *Photo supplied
Bond: Nathan and I. *Photo supplied

‘When the roll is called up yonder

 Tenor Saw will be singing there

 When the roll is called up yonder

 Nate Dog he’s gonna be there’

Tenor Saw

On Saturday night while at a function with my daughter, she drew my attention to an Instagram picture of someone who had just passed. Initially, I paid it no mind, until she tapped me on my shoulder and said, “Look again, Daddy.” Upon looking at the picture, I stared in disbelief at who I saw.

 Have you ever had that little cousin that was more like that little brother, who you always had to keep an extra eye on? You know, the one who you can always count on for laughs, because they would always be up to something. Yes, you know you have one like that. For me, Nathan ‘Nate Dog’ Richardson fell perfectly into this category.

Nathan is the son of my father’s cousin, Madree Lindsay. So technically we were like third of fourth cousins. However  you know how it goes in Bermuda: once a cousin the degree does not matter — “blood is thicker than water”.

As children growing up in St Paul’s AME, Nathan, along with his older brothers Mark and Nigel, were known as the Richardson boys. Often, we had to make sure Nathan was not getting an extra sip of the communion grape juice, or had his eyes closed while Rev Fubler gave his epic 20 minute prayers. 

 Due to a bit of an age difference, Nate and I were not as close as we could (or should) have been and, at times ,did not see each other for months, or years, but nevertheless, we had a very close bond.

 Seeking to further himself in his profession of air conditioning and refrigeration, Nathan emigrated to the UK and settled in Manchester where he proudly took residence less than two minutes’ walking distance from the great stadium of  Old Trafford. Most importantly, he took his son along with him in order to form an unbreakable father and son bond and usher him into manhood.

An avid soccer fan, Nathan supported Dandy Town and Nahki Wells. Often on Facebook, he would post pictures of travelling to Bradford City to go and see Nahki perform live.

About two months ago, I saw Nathan on Court Street where we stopped and talked for about an hour. He showed me pictures of Old Trafford, spoke of his son’s progress in the UK, and his plan to be more involved in community activities when he returned home.

His voice was full of passion and determination to do his part to help our island. We took a picture together and immediately posted it on our Facebook pages (see above).

God saw a need to call Nathan home. Yet before he called him home, he used him to become a great father to his children and a positive role model to many young men in our community.

Not one of us knows when our time is up. Yet whilst we are here, we must do all that we can to ensure that we plant seeds of positivity for our family and our community.

My Beloved cousin Nathan is now sharing the communion juice with Sir Bobby Charlton, who is telling him the “Glory, Glory of Manchester United Story”.

 Love you Cousin