The rumour mill is grinding hard that Apple will let iPhone users trade up when the new model is available.

The iPhone 5S is expected to debut sometime in September. 

For many, the annual pilgrimage is an expensive proposition and a trade-in programme could draw more customers in to the new model.


Apple has been training its employees at its iStores in advance of the forthcoming announcement. 

Forbes reported that speculation is circulating that Apple will give a $250 credit on a 16 Gb iPhone 5 and less money on older models. 

ZDNet reported the key points to the trade-in programme are: 

n Apple wants to control more iPhone sales compared to today’s channel picture, which revolves around carriers.

n Apple thinks it can upsell to other goods like iPads and Macs.

n And Apple would like to have a system to smooth out lumpy iPhone sales.

How successful the programme will be may depend on how many other companies decide they want to hone in on this angle.

Forbes also reported that other companies are seeking to keep an advantage by offering a higher trade-in value on the iPhones as a way to prevent losing customers to the iStores. n