Shake a tree and you will see what drops out.

It seems some folks were a bit shocked by my column on elitism/classism.

It seems people are in a comfort zone when a black person speaks on racism. You know, the “yawn, here we go again” syndrome. Well Trayvon Martin is dead and George Zimmerman has walked free. So is racism dead? We will discuss that another day.

So let me continue to address classism. As a country, we will see many more interracial relationships and multi-cultural children. What was once taboo is now normal.

For some, equality has been reached while for many the canyon between each other has widened.

There are those who have achieved Masters Degrees that allow them to fit into  International Business and there will be those who Human Resource managers deem ‘entry level’.

There will be those who can afford a townhouse and those struggling to pay rent. There will be those owning grocery stores whilst others scrape by to buy groceries.

In other words we will have further socio-economic class division. What’s new, you ask? Well what will be new is the movers and shakers will not be the traditional old money families. They will be the children who have been educated in Bermuda’s private schools and foreign universities.

Let’s be real; employers can afford to be selective, and they will select private school students over public school students. Feel free to debate, it but the stats will prove differently. Something is seriously wrong with that picture. Standards or status?