PLP Senator Diallo Rabain. *File photo
PLP Senator Diallo Rabain. *File photo

As a result of the 2012 General Election, the PLP that held the Government of Bermuda for 14 years prior emerged from that election with a new leader and a host of new faces in the House of Assembly, The Senate and The Party Executive. This combination of veteran experience and first-time parliamentarians has allowed the PLP to continue to evolve with ideas based on its core tenets of always putting Bermudians first, with fresh ideas and approaches to the issues they face in 2014.

Critics of the PLP, rather than discussing the merits of such fresh idea and approaches, will often cite the default statement of “…you had fourteen years to do that...”, whenever the new PLP team raises an issue or suggests a proposal.  It is almost as if these critics want to try to ignore the merits of the idea or proposal in favour of an approach of complaining for complaint’s sake.

What these critics often forget is that the world has evolved over the last 14 years. What was relevant in 1998 has changed in 2014, and in order to continue moving forward, we must recognize this.  We must be open to engage newer and fresher ideas or proposals in tune with this new reality.

The PLP Team has always and will continue to go into the community and connect with Bermudians from all walks of life.  Some examples of ideas generated by the people of Bermuda are as follows:

  • Abolition of conscription
  • Decriminalization of marijuana
  • Abolishment of jailing of debtors
  • Commission of Inquiry on theft of properties

With this mandate, from the people themselves, our team is committed to transforming Bermuda into a society that weighs the needs of Bermudians and our visitors alike.  We wish to create a Bermuda that assures fairness and prosperity for all who reside here.  To do this, we will not shy away from the difficult conversations that have too often been swept under the carpet in the past.  We will continue to acknowledge past injustices while setting the foundation for a more equitable Bermuda in the future.

We will always believe — and unapologetically so — that in Bermuda, Bermudians should come first. As such, we will continue to provide an ever-evolving mandate of ideas on behalf of you, the people of Bermuda and our visitors.  Please continue to send us your ideas for Bermuda, and we promise to always be a party that presents these ideas, regardless of those who will continue to complain only, with no interest in genuine dialogue.