Surveillance: Cameras are monitoring St Monica’s Road. *Photo by Kageaki Smith
Surveillance: Cameras are monitoring St Monica’s Road. *Photo by Kageaki Smith
WEDNESDAY, APR. 13: A network of closed-circuit cameras has gone up in the St Monica’s Road area of Pembroke.

Seven cameras now monitor the area, which has been plagued by murders and a series of  shootings.

Work began just over two weeks ago to install the surveillance equipment and there are plans for a further four at Friswell’s Hill — another hotspot for gun violence. Police said the move is part of an island-wide CCTV expansion designed to aid the fight against violent crime.

Local MP Michael Weeks, who has championed the campaign to get the cameras put in place, said residents are relieved that the network is now up and running.

He told the Bermuda Sun: “When the cameras were first installed I went down to the area and spoke to a number of the residents.

“They are very appreciative of what has happened over the last few weeks. Some were elated the cameras were up and it gives them a sense of security again.

“It’s important to stress that these cameras focus on the roads into and out of the area rather than premises and private properties.

“We will continue to find ways of making our residents feel safe and secure.

“The cameras are the latest part of package of improvements for the area which include better lighting and speed bumps.”

The seven cameras have been attached to poles on the main artery routes into St Monica’s Road and along Palmetto Road.

The cameras transfer imagery back to network headquarters where footage can be viewed.


Butch Smith, who runs Art Mell’s Spicy Dicy in St. Monica’s Road, said residents are pleased the cameras have now been installed.

He added: “We needed a deterrent, so if these cameras can deter some of the evil that has been going on in this area then they are most welcome.

“But it is not just here  these cameras are needed — it is all the areas where there is danger.”

Local resident Errin Butterfield said: “This is a good thing for the area and it makes people feel safer.

“People now feel a sense that they can start go about their normal day-to-day life. 

“The cameras are a welcome addition to our area and a positive move in the right direction.

“Just because people live in this area does not been they are affiliated with or are involved in any of the trouble.

“Most people just want peace and harmony and an end to this violence.

“We owe a lot to our MP Michael Weeks for getting these cameras erected and in place.”

David Mirfield, Assistant Commissioner of Police, added: “These CCTV cameras were installed as part of the CCTV expansion plan of the Bermuda Police Service and have been installed with the cooperation of GET Security.

“These additional cameras provide opportunities to capture intelligence and allow for proactive policing.

“We are working closely with relevant partners to ensure that the areas most at risk from violent crime are given priority.

“The use of CCTV not only provides an element of reassurance and crime prevention, but it is also a vital investigative tool.”