* Photo by Kageaki Smith. Victor Scott school became a murder scene on Good Friday.
* Photo by Kageaki Smith. Victor Scott school became a murder scene on Good Friday.
Children are afraid to go back to school after witnessing a murder on their playing field.

One eight-year-old child hid in the bushes, watching through his fingers as gunmen rode on to the Victor Scott playing field and shot a young father in front of his two kids.

More than 20 children witnessed the killing of Kimwandae Walker at the Good Friday kite-flying event.

Some fled screaming into their parents' arms, others hid in the trees or took refuge underneath swings and play equipment.

Parents fear they will be scarred for life by the experience.

One woman told us how her eight-year-old nephew had been on his way to the school when he heard the gunfire - a sound he recognized from a previous shooting on Curving Avenue.

His aunt said: "He hid in the trees but he was peeping. He is afraid to go back to school now in case the gunmen come back.

"We are trying to get him counselling. This kind of thing stays with you forever."

A dad said he rushed to shield his eight-year-old daughter when the shooter opened fire just yards from where they were playing.

He added: "I just grabbed my daughter and ran. People were hiding everywhere - in the trees, under cars, it was chaos.

"All I heard was silence and then screams - screams like I'd never heard before in my life.

"I tried to tell my daughter not to worry, it was just a game, but she wasn't buying that."

Mr. Walker's own children were by his side when the murderers, their faces concealed behind visored helmets, rode on to the field.

His mother, Shelley Walker, said his four-year-old daughter Kimjaela had hidden under the swings.

But his nine-year-old son Kwinjae tried to follow him as he scrambled to his feet following the first blast and ran away from the shooters.

Another kite-flyer grabbed the boy and swept him out of danger. But he could do nothing to save Mr. Walker.

A witness told the Bermuda Sun the shooter had initially fired at the 35-year-old trucking boss from back of the bike, hitting him but not killing him.

As Mr. Walker tried to run away, the gunman stepped from the vehicle and fired twice more at close range.

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