This is it! The last article. Because my head is full of so many things I’d love to say and share, I am challenged to find just the right parting words.  
But my thoughts continue to return to things we should be grateful for due to the brevity of life.  And the events of the past month have given me the opportune time to reflect upon such.  

Notwithstanding I almost lost my mother who was involved in a horrific crash in her taxi, I am ever so thankful to God Almighty that she is still able to breathe fresh air, stand on both feet and be with the family — especially considering the way perhaps things might have been when we look at the state of her vehicle.  On the other hand, a very dear friend is dealing with health issues that I just can’t seem to come to terms with.  I ask myself why do bad things happen to good people – while bad people seem to have all the luck? 

Departed friends

Just last week a former schoolmate and coworker experienced the sudden loss of a sibling. We talked about how when we were young we chuckled at our grandparents who always seemed to know a deceased individual. Now it’s our turn.  

Last week I had the opportunity to enjoy a full weekend with university friends at the annual Homecoming of North Carolina A&T State University – and at one point in the midst of our partying and laughter, some of us reminisced about our fellow Aggies who are no longer here to enjoy the festivities.  

I’m not in any way attempting to be morbid, but rather desiring to send a message that life really is far too short to sweat the small stuff.  

As I continue to listen to moaning and bickering and complaining about the same things day in and day out, I try to focus on something positive.  It’s not always easy but it can be ever so easy to take on the negativity and the daily pressures of everyday life.  This creates stress that can, as some have discovered, lead to other health issues.  

It has often been said that misery loves company yet while we can oftentimes identify miserable and unhappy people it’s not always easy to distance ourselves from them.  

I’ve learned it takes a concerted effort. And in order for us to live a life that ends whereby others can say we lived life to the fullest, then removing oneself from the negative things and people in life is a must.  

Writing weekly columns for the Bermuda Sun has been a positive experience for me and according to so many readers who have approached me to express their appreciation on any number of topics I have addressed, the topics have spread the gamut of being therapeutic, inspirational, insightful and humorous. 

I have no idea what I’ll do with the thoughts that continue to take up space in my head but I do know it’s time to move on — and it’s time to explore and enjoy what’s next.  

In the meantime, take care of yourself and take care of each other for tomorrow is certainly not promised to any of us. And there’s so much that life has to offer each of us if we’d just let go of the complaining and go find it. I’m convinced we’ll never have enough money. And I often wonder if the right time to do all kinds of things will ever be “right”.  Life is short.  Enjoy it.  Savour it. Live it. 

Shawnette Somner is a mother and an educator. Email: