WEDNESDAY, MAY 11: The Coalition for the Protection of Children has invited politicians and  Government officials to a screening of Poverty In Paradise: The Price We Pay.

The showing of Bermudian director Lucinda Spurling’s film, on May 31, will be followed by a discussion about its revelations and recommendations.

Sheelagh Cooper, founder of The Coalition for the Protection of Children — which produced the documentary — said: “The issues raised are far too important to be politicised and we are hoping for a cross-party consensus on the way to move forward to address the problem of poverty and its direct link to the kind of violence that our community is experiencing.

“The film explores the factors that have created a perfect storm of conditions which have resulted in high levels of gun violence.

“With a violent crime rate 20 times higher than the UK and 10 times higher than the US, the film brings some analysis to bear on the problem, and puts forth an array of suggested ways to change the trajectory that we are on. We are very encouraged by the overwhelming response to the film.”

After three sell-out screenings, the charity is now to hold a fourth showing at the Liberty Theatre on Monday at 6 pm.

For tickets, go to:  or All Wrapped Up at the Washington Mall.