Jermal Woolridge *File photo
Jermal Woolridge *File photo

Fight fans get their fix of action tomorrow night at the Teachers Fight Night XVI: Relentless at the Berkeley Institute Gym.

Top of the bill is martial arts kings Jermal Woolridge, who will go all out in a kickboxing contest with Canada’s WXC Warrior Joey Brozovic. Woolridge told the Sun he wishes there was more events like this one on the island: “We just need to have more because there are so many guys that are talented and with time and training could make something of themselves.”

Woolridge, a world wushu silver medallist, said he’ll have to switch styles for the Brozovic bout. 

“The style of the fight will be different,” he said. “For example, certain attacks that are allowed in some competitions, we are not allowed in this competition.”

Also, Bermuda boxer Andre Lamb takes on Canadian Nick Hoover, while Bermudian Talia Iris goes up against Canadian Muay Thai fighter Shelby Marchand. Local fighters Corey Boyce and Shannon Ford also go head to head. n