Both fighters were baffled by the judges' decision. *Photo by Kageaki Smith
Both fighters were baffled by the judges' decision. *Photo by Kageaki Smith

It was a case of déjà vu at Berkeley Institute on Saturday night after the judges once again could not separate Teresa Perozzi and Tori Nelson.

The WBC World Middleweight belt remains unclaimed after a thrilling climax to Fight Night 15 fight that saw both fighters up the ante from their first bout - also a draw - in October.

The highlight was a brutal third round that saw home favourite Perozzi put on the canvas before storming back less than 30 seconds later to repay the compliment, putting the American down with a shuddering left hook.

At the end, though, both women were left frustrated as Judge Jack Woodburn (Canada) scored it 97-94 to Nelson, Julie Lederman (USA) saw it even at 95-95 while William Boodhoo scored the bout 96-95 in Perozzi's favour.

Perozzi said: “I don't even really know what to say right now, I'm just disappointed. I?really thought I'd won, especially the last three rounds. I?feel I?did enough to win.

“It hurts because I've done this for so many years without a trainer and now I've done this twice with the best training of my life with a guy (Troy Darrell) that deserves this more than anybody and I?just don't know what to say.

“I ?think I was waiting for her too much because I was trying to box. Maybe I?got away from what my style really is ... I don't know. I?just do what I'm told by my trainer and I?feel he had a great game plan.”

Nelson was equally baffled by the decision. “This is getting ridiculous and people just don't understand how much we put into it being mothers. We got to take the time from being a mother to train so hard to come here and get a draw twice. My kids don't deserve that so I?can't keep taking from my kids doing this and then coming here for this. No, I?fight too hard. It's really frustrating.”

Nelson added:?“Last time we fought I?went in aggressive and I brawled her. This fight I?boxed her because they didn't give it to me when I?brawled her so this time I?figured if I?boxed her I could get it so I?don't know what they want.

“When I knocked her down I was like 'okay, that's good'. But then when I?came back she knocked me down too and I?was like 'okay, I?have to get this back' and I?felt that I?got it back. I wasn't tired nowhere in the fight, she was bleeding but I don't know. Maybe I?have to be a Bermudian citizen to fight another Bermudian in order to get the win here.”